Humanistic Management Orientation

Humanistic Management Orientation Bundle

Learn the basics of humanistic management   If you are new to humanistic management and would like to learn how you can incorporate humanistic techniques as a manager, this program …

7 Sins of Staff Management

7 Sins of Staff Management

Your employees are human. Most of them want to do good work, get paid well for their time and they want to work with good people. When they fail, it’s almost always because their managers failed them.

Principles of Humanistic Management

Principles of Humanistic Management

Humanism is a philosophy that centers on respect for your fellow humans. It is a recognition that our behavior impacts others. We don’t live in a vacuum. When we are in …

Why Humanistic Management

Why Humanistic Management

This FREE one hour course will provide you with an overview of what a humanistic management paradigm is all about. Presented by Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz, Director of the Humanistic Management Center.

Humanism in Business

Humanism in Business – Book

An international team of academics and practitioners present philosophical, spiritual, economic, psychological and organizational arguments that show how humanism can be used to understand, and possibly transform, business at three different levels: the systems level, the organizational level and the individual level.

Integrity in Organizations

Integrity in Organizations – Book

The authors shed light on leadership, governance, and personal development when companies aim for more humanism in business and management. Various international case studies illustrate the presented frameworks and presented recommendations.

Humanistic Marketing

Humanistic Marketing – Book

Humanistic Marketing recognizes the harm that comes with the unfettered desire for more of more. The authors ask how can marketing’s principles and practice be founded in humanistic values such as altruism, empathy, respect, trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, care, compassion, service, intelligence, beauty, justice, virtue?

Humanistic Ethics in the age of Globality

Humanistic Ethics in the Age of Globality – Book

Another great book for the folks at the Humanistic Management Center. This book seeks to answer the question: Is there a humanistic consensus that can bridge cultural and ethnic divides and reconcile the diverse and contrary interests of stakeholders world-wide?

Humanistic Management in Practice

Humanistic Management in Practice – Book

This book investigates into the principles of humanistic management and examines their theoretical merits. In order to demonstrate that humanistic ideas also work in practice and can lead to actionable management guidelines it is a collection of case examples of how businesses succeed in generating social value whilst being profitable.

Please talk to your Staff

Please Talk to Your Staff – Book

The effectiveness of your leadership is, to a very large extent, determined by the way you converse, ask questions and interact with your staff. How can people friendly values can be put into the practice of how we create both a humanistic and a profitable organization?

Please Lead Your Staff - Humanistic Leadership

Please Lead Your Staff – Book

Another excellent primer in Humanistic Leadership in Action by John Steinberg – practical guidebook in the art of leading with people friendly, humanistic values.

Please train your staff

Please Train Your Staff – Book

A Humanistic Leadership in Action book by John Steinberg. This is a short, practical and passionate book about customer service, staff training and employee empowerment.

Why Humanistic Management – Information

This one hour course will provide you with an overview of what a humanistic management paradigm is all about. Presented by Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz, Director of the Humanistic Management …