Book & Video: Bridging the Generational Divide: Millennials and Boomers

Humanistic Communication Strategies to Help Bridge Generational Divides

In this book, we will discuss the research on generational differences and consider how we might use the knowledge to create more effective communication strategies. At the core of this approach is a humanistic respect for the dignity and worth of each human in your company.


Diversity has many dimensions. Its root is difference — specifically how we manage differences between people. If you have a big enough business, you have employees that range from young 20-somethings to people of retirement age. These “differences” are generalizations. There is no stereotypical Baby Boomer, and there is no stereotypical Millennial.

4 learning objectives

The four chapters will focus on understanding the following:
1) What we know about the different generations.
2) The stereotypical life experiences of people in different age groups.
3) That despite the differences in age, humans don’t vary all that much.
4) Specific strategies to help you communicate more effectively with people different from you.

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