Humanist Learning Systems is a Florida LLC, founded by Jennifer Hancock, Humanist author and educator.


Our mission is to teach people more about the philosophy of Humanism and how to use the philosophy to more effectively navigate through life.

Humanism isn’t just about being an ethical engaged caring person. It is also about being a critical thinker who embraces science and rejects supernaturalism as an ineffective way to solve our problems. Humanism isn’t just about being optimistic about our future, it is also about taking personal responsibility to do the work required to make the changes we need to be successful. After all, if we don’t? Who will?

Why this Site?

Some of the most influential people throughout history have been Humanists and the philosophy has been taught, in some form, by all of the most famous teachers, including many of the most famous self help coaches working today.The problem is that most of those coaches teach what we Humanists like to think of as humanism lite. They teach the optimism and the ethics, but they rarely teach the critical thinking skills and the personal responsibility skills that are so central to what makes Humanism such a powerful philosophy. As a result, you don’t get the full benefit of what Humanism actually offers. What is missing from their teaching is the difference between success and failure. 

Courses taught by Humanist Learning Systems, because they are all taught by actually Humanists, will teach do all the knowledge you need to learn how to think more effectively about how you solve your problems. We won’t leave out critical elements of the teachings, nor will we lie to you about how easy it is to make the changes you need to be successful.

betterwayDoing and being better is hard work. We aren’t going to lie to you about that. It takes a commitment to learn HOW to think better and to make better choices in your life. Thinking well is such a difficult skill that most life skills coaches don’t teach it at all.

However, from the Humanist perspective, any training that doesn’t include critical thinking is setting you up for failure. Learning how to think better isn’t boring.  It is the key to better relationships and being a better, happier person who makes better choices. 

The instructors at Humanist Learning Systems will teach you the 3 essential interrelated life skills that form the basis of the Humanist approach.

  • How to make better decisions through critical thinking.
  • How to improve your relationships through compassion.
  • And how to infuse your life with meaning and purpose by prioritizing your ethics.

These skills are applicable to all areas of life and every endeavor.

Main Course Areas

The programs we teach fall into 4 main categories 

This site offers programs that are open to the general public but we can also use this to deliver a custom program to your group.

Humanist Learning Systems LLC is a EDWOSB. Our DUNS # 078861299.  

NAISC – 611430

How this works

The interactive programs are offered on a Moodle software system which allows participants to study at their own pace when it is convenient while still having access to the teacher and their fellow students to provide feedback and discussion on difficult subjects. It really is the best of both worlds in online education. To access these courses, all you need is a way to access the internet. Courses have been tested on both pc’s and ipads and work fine in both environments.

Some of the programs and resources are available as continuing education credits. These are noted for your convenience. 

Contact Jennifer for more information at: or call 727-231-4862

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