GDPR – Humanist Learning Systems Privacy Notice

Humanist Learning Systems takes your privacy seriously. We only use your personal information to administer services to you and provide the services you request from us.

We have migrated our courses over to 3rd party vendors to manage and sell. If you are on their site, you are bound by their privacy notices, not mine.

If you are taking a course on my site, understand I use a variety of 3rd party applications to coordinate the services we provide. This will be no longer valid starting in 2023. This statement explains what data we store, how it is used and what 3rd party processors we use to manage your data. Log in, sign up and registration processes are secured by SSL certification.

We do not sell data to anyone. And we do not store your information beyond what is required to provide the service to you. By using our services, you consent to this use of your data.

Data stored:

  • Online Learning – Moodle – stores only name, email, city and country and your activity in the system.  Moodle system uses cookies to track your activity and progress within the course.
  • Newsletter – MailChimp – stores name, email and possibly address.
  • Payment Processing – Stripe and PayPal – Name, address, credit card – not stored by us.
  • Websites – WordPress – Uses cookies to track activity and to keep track of users and purchase activity completed on the websites.

Accountability and Responsibility

Humanist Learning Systems is a sole proprietor and is only responsible for the data under our control within our newsletter, learning management system, sign up forms and crm.

However, we are not responsible for these processors internal security procedure, which are covered by their own privacy policies and terms of service. (For example, while I can unsubscribe you from my newsletter, I cannot delete you from our newsletter processor’s database. They may retain your information to ensure I can’t resubscribe you or because you are subscribed to other newsletters they host and process for other organizations). As a result, I cannot be held responsible for the security of your data stored on their systems.

Your data stored at the various processors we use – for instance, the payment processors (paypal and stripe), data transferred through, and the newsletter hosted by MailChimp, is covered by their terms of service and they are responsible for the privacy of our information through their processing systems.


By registering for our services and signing up to receive information from us – you consent to this use of your information through our systems and 3rd party processors.

You may request deletion from the newsletter, learning system, sign up forms or crm at any time.
Your data stored or moved within the other 3rd party service processors is not under our control and is covered by their privacy policies.

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