Socratic Jujitsu

How to Win Arguments Without Arguing

socraticjutisuWe humans rarely agree. We argue and debate and nothing ever seems to be resolved. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cut through the clutter and create consensus for your ideas and proposals? Of course it would. But to get there, you have to stop arguing and start asking questions.

Cost: $15

Length: 1 hours long

Format: self study

Access information: Course access granted upon payment.


Course Overview:

In this program author and Humanist Jennifer Hancock will discuss recent research on how ideas are formed and changed to help you understand why and how to yield to your opponent and how to turn the conversation around using Socratic questioning techniques to frame the underlying moral debate to your advantage. If you want to learn how to win arguments by not arguing take this course!

This self study program includes a 50 minute video lesson, & downloadable lecture notes. To participate in this course you will need Internet access and the ability to view youtube style videos. The course will work on home computers and tablets such as the iPad.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone who wants to learn the art of persuasion.
  • This course is particularly useful Life Coaches and Conflict Coaches (ICF)


“Open other folks up to my ideas by being open to theirs? That sounds like the kind of world I want to live in! :)” – X. Heveron

“Thanks for the course, Jen! It seems this approach will allow me to build skills that I already endorse, but at which I do not yet excel. Your concept and approach make total sense to me, and I think I’ll learn a lot.” – D. McLean

“I am one to get emotional and into heated situations. I have been forming in my mind how I can change this and start asking them questions. I was so skeptical at first.” – J. Olin

“Excellent explanations of the strategy.” – Arne F.

“Very short and precise course. Awesome!!!” – Ishrath

“This is a great course. Good information with an engaging delivery. This course is an excellent starting point, though. She does include resources links for further study, so that’s helpful.” –  B. Hardin

“Essentials for keeping your cool while others are not. Valuable tools to engage without entanglement._ –  J. Beale

Continuing Education Credit:

If you would like to self certify this course for continuing education self study credit, you can request a letter of participation inside the course.  The course takes ~1 hours to complete.


This course is available in both English and Spanish (via subtitles). The course also features English language subtitles for the hearing impaired.

Instructor Bio:

jenbridgewebJennifer Hancock is a mom, author of The Humanist Approach to Happiness and founder of Humanist Learning Systems. She is unique in that she was raised as a freethinker and is considered one of the top speakers and writers in the world of Humanism today. Her insights into the philosophy and how to apply it to daily life have helped countless people all over the world.

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