Happy Humanist - green - from Humanist Learning SystemsWhat is Humanism?

Humanism is a highly effective approach to human development. It is as concerned with personal development as it is with social responsibility. It is probably the most humane and holistic approach to ethical philosophy humanity has ever devised.

The Humanist Approach to Learning

The  Humanist approach to learning is to be flexible, rational, compassionate and responsible. Our goal is to be the best most ethical people we can be but humble enough to understand that regardless of how good we may be, we can always improve.

Humanist Learning Systems programs focus on teaching the three elements of the Humanist philosophy that are most applicable to problem solving and improving our interpersonal relationships which are at the root of most of our problems. The three subjects are:  

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Compassion Based Ethics
  3. Personal Responsibility. 

The Power of Applied Humanism

The various skills and techniques of Humanism when applied to everyday problem solving create an incredibly powerful and holistic approach to life. When you combine a compassion based ethics with critical thinking and a strong feeling of personal responsibility it changes how you approach life, the universe and everything. While the shift in your thinking will be subtle the implications for how you live your life and relate to other people will be dramatic.

Humanism has arisen in every culture and in every time. Some form of the Humanist approach has always been taught and most of the major teachers and philosophers throughout history were either Humanists or Humanistic in their teachings.

Humanism is such a powerful approach that most life coaches and motivational speakers teach some aspect of the philosophy. The problem is that most of these coaches and teachers are teaching Humanism lite. You don’t get the full impact of the teachings because they omit key elements that make the approach actually work.

Humanist Learning Systems courses are taught by actual Humanists. People who have a full understanding of the philosophy and who can help you better understand how the various aspects of what you have already been taught work together as an integrated whole so that you can better apply your learning and improve your outcomes. 

Do I need to be a Humanist to take these courses?  


The Humanistic approach taught here is accessible to anyone of any background. Our ethics are common human ethics and the techniques we use to solve problems will benefit everyone. Most people find this approach to be empowering, enlightening and consistent with their core values.  To get a better idea of the approach taught, check out our blog at: http://humanisthappiness.blogspot.com/

The only part of the philosophy that gives people pause is Humanism’s rejection of supernaturalism as a problem solving technique. This is part of our commitment to reality based problem solving which we feel yields more effective results than the alternatives.

Supernatural beliefs are rarely a subject Humanist Learning Systems courses address. Plus, a core aspect of the philosophy is to respect freedom of belief for individuals. Whatever you choose to believe or don’t is your business. 

The only thing Humanist Learning System courses will do is teach you the practical skills required to think better about problem solving in general and specifically how to think more critically, realistically and effectively about the problems you face. How you choose to use these skills is up to you.