How to Handle Cranky Customer Problems Using Behavioral Science.

How to Handle Cranky Customer Problems Using Behavioral Science
How to Handle Cranky Customers

Unlock the power of effective communication and transform your interactions. This program delves into the art of remaining calm, practicing emotional neutrality, and cultivating compassion when faced with challenging personalities. Gain valuable insights and practical techniques to navigate difficult conversations with confidence and grace. Discover the secrets to maintaining respectful and polite communication, even in the face of negativity. Don’t let crankiness derail your interactions anymore—join this course and unlock the skills needed to turn challenging encounters into positive outcomes. Enroll today and embark on a journey towards mastering communication and building meaningful connections.

Cost: $39 US ( £35.21, CA$54.17, Au$61.21)

Length: 1 hour

Format: self study


The goal of this program is to help you learn how to respond professionally even in situations where the people around you are freaking out.

Course Overview

Discover the power of behavioral conditioning techniques in dealing with difficult customers! Join renowned expert Jennifer Hancock as she shares insights from her experience training dolphins in a dolphin language cognition lab.

In this program, you’ll explore effective strategies rooted in behavioral science that can transform your interactions. Learn to understand human conditioning, master your own responses, and navigate challenging situations with ease.

Gain control over your reactions, improve interpersonal dynamics, and become a confident problem-solver. Say goodbye to unnecessary drama and unlock the keys to customer satisfaction. Enroll now and unlock the secrets of effective customer management!

Benefits of Taking This Course:

By enrolling in this course, you open the door to a transformative learning experience that empowers you to navigate difficult situations with confidence, foster positive connections, and become a skilled communicator capable of turning challenging encounters into valuable opportunities for growth and understanding.Bottom of Form

  1. Enhanced Communication Skills: By taking this course, you will develop advanced communication skills that enable you to effectively engage with cranky individuals. You will learn techniques to remain calm, neutralize negativity, and foster productive dialogue, leading to more positive and constructive interactions.
  2. Improved Conflict Resolution: Gain valuable insights into resolving conflicts with cranky individuals. Discover strategies to de-escalate tense situations, find common ground, and reach mutually beneficial solutions. This course equips you with the tools to navigate challenging conversations and turn conflicts into opportunities for growth and understanding.
  3. Increased Professionalism: Developing the ability to maintain composure and professionalism in the face of difficult personalities is a valuable asset in any professional setting. By taking this course, you will enhance your professional image, build credibility, and establish yourself as a reliable and composed communicator.
  4. Strengthened Relationships: Effective communication is the foundation of strong relationships. By mastering the art of dealing with cranky individuals, you will foster healthier and more positive connections with colleagues, clients, and customers. The skills you acquire in this course will enable you to build rapport, diffuse tensions, and nurture long-lasting relationships.
  5. Personal Growth and Empathy: This course goes beyond communication techniques by encouraging personal growth and cultivating empathy. You will develop a deeper understanding of human behavior and gain the ability to see things from the perspective of others, fostering empathy and compassion in your interactions. These qualities not only benefit your professional life but also enhance your personal relationships and overall well-being.

Learning Objectives

  • Respond to problems in a way that will actually help.
  • Stand your ground while still being compassionate.
  • Avoid getting drawn into other people’s drama.
  • Learn the behavioral science of how to respond to difficult people.

Topics Covered:

  • Why are people so cranky?
  • Don’t get drawn into other people’s drama
  • Understanding your response
    • The science of behavioral conditioning
  • Real Life Examples
  • Don’t fake it

Who should take this course?

  • Selling professionals
  • Customer Relationship professionals
  • Managers overseeing customer relations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • This course is also useful Life Coaches and Conflict Coaches (ICF)
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA or BCaBA)


“The information was enlightening. I had no idea as to the positive impact of a neutral response.” – R. Reid

“Great reminder on how to stand your ground and not get sucked into other people’s drama! Appreciate learning the science behind why remaining calm is the best approach.” – S. M.

“Very good course. It teaches you that the customer is not mad at you but rather at the incident and that they have other issues going on which don’t concern you. Remain calm. And she provided a few good ideas on how to respond or not to a cranky customer.” – B.B.

Continuing Education Credit:

This program is delivered through our partner Learn Formula which offers a certificate of completion you can use to claim continuing education credits. Details at site.

Group Information

This program is appropriate for group training offered through our partner Learn Formula. Details at our group training page:

Instructor Bio:

Jennifer Hancock

Jennifer Hancock is a renowned author, speaker, and founder of Humanist Learning Systems, dedicated to eliminating bullying through the application of science-based techniques. As an expert in Humanism. She offers a unique blend of philosophy and behavioral modification techniques to create positive workplace cultures and address issues of harassment and discrimination. With a professional background in executive leadership and management training, she has helped countless individuals and organizations around the world to develop authentic and effective leadership skills that promote dignity, compassion, and respect. Through her courses and books, she offers practical solutions that reduce complexity, alleviate anxiety, and inspire positive change.

Course information:

This is a 1 hour program that includes, video lessons with lecture notes for downloading. To participate in this course you will need Internet access and the ability to view youtube style videos. The course will work on home computers and tablets such as the iPad.

Money Back Guarantee

Our partner offers a money back guarantee. If you cancel within 10 days and you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked.

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Streaming Video

This video is available for purchase or rental through Vimeo. This is not a certified course option. It doesn’t include handouts, or supplemental materials. Only the video. If you don’t need a certificate of completion – this is a good option.

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