How to Handle Cranky Customer Problems Using Behavioral Science.

Without customers, we don’t have a business. But what can or should we do if one of our customers is cranky?

How to Handle Cranky Customer Problems Using Behavioral Science

Learn why people behave how they do and how you can respond so that you can be happier and more effectively help solve your customer’s problems without getting drawn into their drama, whatever that is.

This program discusses how your responses impact your customer so that you can choose a response that will help you stand your ground while still being compassionate about your customer’s problem.

Cost: $15

Length: 45 minutes

Format: self study

Access information: Course access granted upon payment


The goal of this program is to help you learn how to respond professionally even in situations where the people around you are freaking out.

Who should take this course?

  • Selling professionals
  • Customer Relationship professionals
  • Managers overseeing customer relations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • This course is also useful Life Coaches and Conflict Coaches (ICF)
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA or BCaBA)


“The information was enlightening. I had no idea as to the positive impact of a neutral response.” – R. Reid

“Great reminder on how to stand your ground and not get sucked into other people’s drama! Appreciate learning the science behind why remaining calm is the best approach.” – S. M.

Continuing Education Credit:

If you would like to self certify this course for continuing education self study credit, you can request a letter of participation inside the course.  The course takes 45 minutes to complete.

Group Information

This program is appropriate for group training (see group discount page). We recommend groups interested in this program schedule hybrid sessions combining the online course followed by a live facilitated discussion. The content of this course is based on behavioral science and groups benefit from discussing how to apply this knowledge to their specific situations and to other interpersonal dynamics.  Contact us for more information or to schedule a course. 

Instructor Bio:

Jennifer Hancock

Jennifer Hancock is one of the top writers and speakers in the Humanist world today. Author of several books and founder of Humanist Learning Systems, Jennifer has the ability to combine science, philosophy and common sense into actionable intelligence.

Course information:

This is a 45  minute video lesson with lecture notes for downloading. To participate in this course you will need Internet access and the ability to view youtube style videos. The course will work on home computers and tablets such as the iPad.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with the course you may request your money back within 15 days

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