Frequently Asked Questions

I used to management my own learning management system, but it takes a lot of time and energy to maintain a system and to ensure that all courses are up to date with their certifications. I decided it would be a better use of my time to partner with an agency to deliver the certified courses and marketing, so I could focus on what I do best, content creation.

The focus of Humanist Learning Systems is now on creating learning content and distributing it in ways that customers can easily access. 

Our courses are now available as certified continuing education and professional development programs through Learn Formula.  And as  streaming videos through Vimeo, or as books for people who are not in need of continuing education credits.

Our courses consist of video lessons and pdf documents.  In order to access a course, all you need is access to the internet and the ability to view youtube style videos on your browser. Our courses have been tested in a variety of environments and will work on tablets, phones and regular computers.

The only time people have problems is if they are behind a firewall that restricts access to video content. You also must have cookies enabled in order to log into your course.

You will need to register for a course at our partner Learn Formula and access your course there. If you have problems with their technology, you will need to contact them directly.


Our courses are primarily self study and consist of video lessons and downloadable transcripts and other files. You are free to log in when it is convenient to you and there is no set time you need to be on.

Learn Formula generally gives people a 1 year license to complete the program.

If you are accessing the course as a streaming video through Vimeo - video rentals are for 1 week, purchases are always available.


Here are some of the companies that have trusted us to conduct their training.

  • Indian Health Service
  • Fort Bragg EEO
  • NOAA Weather
  • Caspers Co.
  • Manatee Memorial Hospital
  • Mosaic
  • Bryant Miller & Olive
  • Florida’s Court Clerks & Comptrollers
  • Saudi Aramco


All group courses are certified for completion by Learn Formula. 

Each program contains video lessons with lecture notes. Participants need internet access and the ability to view online videos to access this program. Participants will also have access to the instructor to ask questions in discussion forums. 

The program is delivered through a learning management system that certifies participants a) have accessed all required course content, b) that they were in each lesson for the required amount of time and c) that they passed exams to ensure comprehension. 

Only once they complete all the units of the course and all course requirements are met, are they issued a certificate of completion.


The courses are set up as self study programs. Participants can log in when they have the time and when it is convenient.  Instructor feedback is not included in the course, but can be arranged for an additional fee.

If you are considering a course for your group and are worried that people won’t participate, don’t be. Most people really enjoy the self paced nature of the training and the content we provide really is interesting and unique. This is not information you can learn elsewhere. People usually really enjoy the programs.

If you are interested in a more interactive training, we can always add on a live virtual q&a session for your team for an additional fee, though you have to book me directly..

No. All training is done online through the Learn Formula system. When booked for a live Q&A, I do that virtually unless you are located someplace fun I’d like to visit and you pay for all travel expenses.

You have the ability to bundle courses together to create a custom course of study. I am happy to help you figure out what would work best for your staff. Contact me with questions and I can help you design a course of study and connect you to my partners at Learn Formula.

My understanding is that they can also customize the course(s) with logos and other branding.

Contact them to request more information or to schedule a training.

Yes, All course videos are available to stream at my Vimeo site. They are available to rent for a small fee. Note: You will not get a certificate of completion at the end , as these are streaming videos, not a certified online course.

Note: If you are hoping to get continuing education credit for previewing a program, you will need to register for the course at Learn Formula and sample it there.

Certified courses are courses that we verify you completed the full course.  To receive a certificate of completion, you must access all video lessons, be on for the full amount of time and complete a final exam to prove comprehension. Certified courses include handouts, lecture notes and additional materials to aid comprehension.

With streaming videos, you just access the video. No additional materials, handouts or lecture notes are provided.

With a certified course it means that the participant was verify to be in the course for the required amount of time, that they accessed all required course content and that they learned the material as evidence by passing a final exam.

Learn Formula has certified my courses with recertification agencies for HR Professionals (HRCI & SHRM as well as a few others, Lawyers and law professionals (CLE), CPA (CPD), and other agencies. To know what agency has approved each course, please visit the course page for additional information.

Our partner Learn Formula maintains approved provider standing with several agencies including serving the HR, CPA and Legal communities. 

They also offer general certificates of completion for people looking to certify the course through a different agency. 

For more information, please visit their website and view the certifications for specific courses offered.


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