Book and Program: Why is Change so Hard?

by Jennifer Hancock (Author), Desiree Vogelpohl (Editor)

Why is Change so Hard?
Book, Audio, VIdeo, Online Course – Why is Change so Hard?

What can science tell us about why people resist change? What you can do to help your staff adjust? This book discusses how to utilize behavioral psychology techniques to help overcome resistance to change in yourself and in others. Before we can embrace change, we first have to unlearn our old ways of doing things.In this book, author Jennifer Hancock is going to discuss why we all find it so hard to change and why it’s particularly difficult to create culture shifts within an organization.She takes an operant conditioning approach to the problem, which basically means she takes a behavioral psychology approach.First, we need to learn how we as humans: •unlearn old behaviors•train up new behaviors•how to use rewards and reinforcements to maximize change adoption. 

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