Certified Humanistic Leadership Professional

Become a certified Humanistic Leadership Professional

Learn how to be a more authentic and effective leader who is both powerfully ethical and armed with the technical skills required to master whatever challenges you face with grace and dignity.

This 15.5 hour certificate program combines 2 certificate programs (Applied Humanistic Leadership and Humanistic Conflict Management to give you a good overview of both the philosophy of humanistic leadership, but also how to deal with difficult problems and people in a humanistic Way. 

Principles of Humanistic Leadership 
  • Creating happier workplaces 
  • Humanistic management
  • 7 sins
  • Being Professional
  • Humanistic communication 
  • A Humanistic Approach to Civility in the Workplace
  • Socratic Jujitsu
Emotional/Social Intelligence
  • How to De-escalate conflicts
  • Bridging the Generation Divide
Critical Thinking, planning and decision making
  • Reality based decision making
  • Why is change so hard? 
Diversity and conflict
  • Ending harassment
  • Why conflict doesn’t work
Dealing with Difficult People
  • Preventing Passive Aggressive People from Wreaking Havoc in the Workplace
  • How to Humanistically Handle Bad Bullying Bosses
  • How To Handle Cranky Customer Problems

In addition to becoming a Certified Humanistic Leadership Professional,  These programs are approved for HRCI & SHRM continuing education credit. 


Certificate Price: $549

Length: 15.5 hours to complete

Format:  self study

Note: You must register for 2 separate courses to become a Certified Humanistic Leadership Professional. 


“After more than 20 years in nonprofit management, and many of those in the secular humanism field, I didn’t expect a whole lot of surprises, to be honest. Was I ever wrong! There were a number of detailed, actionable concepts, especially around bullying and harassment, that I wish I had known earlier. The classes build on one another and the lecture notes are extensive. Well worth the investment; I walked away a better manager AND a better person.” – M. Fern

Continuing Education Credit

Completion of this program offers 15.5 SHRM credits through our partner – Learn Formula. 

Money Back Guarantee

Learn Formula offers a money back guarantee If you cancel within 10 days and you’re not completely satisfied, they’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked.

Group Discounts:

Learn Formula can do group training for you. If you are interested in creating a customized lesson plan, contact me and I will help you design a course of study and connect you to the folks at Learn Formula to set it up.

Registration Information:

Note: You must register for 2 separate courses to become a Certified Humanistic Leadership Professional. 

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