Book & Video: How to Win Arguments Without Arguing

How to Win Arguments Without Arguing: Socratic Jujitsu

We humans rarely agree. We argue and debate and nothing ever seems to be resolved. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cut through the clutter and create consensus for your ideas and proposals? Of course it would. But to get there, you have to stop arguing and start asking questions. In this book author and Humanist Jennifer Hancock discusses recent research on how ideas are formed and changed to help you understand why and how to yield to your opponent and how to turn the conversation around using Socratic questioning techniques to frame the underlying moral debate to your advantage. If you want to learn how to win arguments by not arguing buy this book! This is the companion book to the online course: “How to Win Arguments Without Arguing: Socratic Jujitsu” created by Jennifer Hancock for Humanist Learning Systems. This book contains the edited transcripts of the online lessons compiled for easy home reference.

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