Book & Video: Why Conflict Management Doesn’t Work When the Problem is Bullying

Can you tell the difference between a conflict and harassment?

Are you tired of ineffective conflict resolution strategies that seem to fall short when dealing with workplace bullying? Look no further! Welcome to “Why Conflict Management Doesn’t Work When the Problem is Bullying,” an eye-opening book designed to transform your approach to workplace dynamics.

This is the companion book to the online course Why Conflict Models Don’t Work When the Problem is Bullying. In this book, author Jennifer Hancock discusses the differences between a conflict model and a bullying elimination model and how we can use elimination models to resolve both conflicts and harassment situations ethically and effectively.

Workplace bullying and harassment situations often masquerade as conflict. But they aren’t. Applying a conflict resolution model to a bullying or harassment situation makes the problem worse.


Don’t let workplace bullying disrupt the harmony of your team! Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to build a resilient and respectful workplace culture.

Key Highlights:

✅ Behavioral Elimination Model Mastery: Dive deep into a powerful and practical approach to eliminate inappropriate behavior, particularly bullying and harassment, with our proven Behavioral Elimination Model.

✅ Real-world Solutions: Understand the nuances of workplace dynamics, gaining insights that go beyond traditional conflict resolution.

✅ Strategic Conflict Resolution: Learn how to seamlessly integrate the Behavioral Elimination Model with conflict resolution strategies for a comprehensive and effective approach to fostering a healthy work environment.

✅ Empower Your Team: Equip yourself and your team with the tools to encourage professional behavior, prioritize respect, and effortlessly navigate conflict resolution in a civilized manner.

✅ Immediate Application: Gain actionable strategies that you can implement immediately to address bullying concerns, fostering a workplace culture where every individual feels valued and respected.


“So useful in helping our union work with our employer to improve working conditions.” – T. Johnson

“I finished ‘When Conflict Resolution doesn’t work,’  Thanks so much for making this available. I found it really helpful, because it is such a prevalent issue today that you do have to distinguish between conflict and harassment.” – M. Hughes

“Very interesting topic that is prevalent in schools and workplaces.” – L.D.

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