Workplace Bullying Preview

Thanks for checking out this sneak preview of the course – Workplace Bullying for HR Professionals. .

The course contains 7 videos, handouts and additional material which cover:

  • Defining Bullying
  • Cost and Liabilities
  • Why is bullying so hard to stop
  • Understanding the Dynamic of Bullying
  • How to get bullies to stop using operant conditioning
  • Reporting and response requirements
  • Managing the cultural shift

This video is the Cost and Liabilities Unit:

 About this course:

“I won’t just tell you how to get bullies to stop, I’m going to explain why most attempts to get bullies to stop fail and how you can avoid making those same mistakes.” – Jen Hancock 

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What people are saying about the course:

I found this course to be thorough and comprehensive. I recommend this class to anyone who has to deal with bullying and wishes to have another tool in their toolbox of interventions for workplace bullying.  – Kathleen Bartle, MA – Conflict Consultant

This was my first interactive self-study and test program. I found the content to be interesting and the video lectures informative. I certainly learned aspects to workforce bullying that will assist me in helping stop workforce bullying. – Sean Butler, VP HR, The Mosaic Company

Great class!!!  I love the way you organized, created videos, and put it together. I have learned a lot from your course and broadened in my abilities.  I would love the chance to work with organizations and put all of this to use. – Susan ForsterWorkplace Wisdom

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Workplace bullying is a real problem. It is costly and it is directly related to school bullying. If we are going to stop bullying, we need to educate as many people as possible on what actually works to get bullies to stop.

By encouraging HR professionals to take this course, you are not only helping them to earn credits towards maintaining their professional certification, you are also helping to educate them on anti-bullying tactics that actually work. They can use this information to not only help victims in the workplace, but with their kids and the young people in their lives as well. Every kid who is taught this is one less kid who will be bullied. It’s worth it. Please share this and spread the word.

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