Book & Video: Why Bullies Bully & How to Stop Them Using Science

There is more to the technique of how to get bullies to stop than just ignore them and they will go away. Lots more. What isn’t being taught is causing us to fail. This book is designed to help you understand what exactly has to happen to get a bully to stop by sharing what science tells us needs to happen to stop unwanted behavior, like bullying. This book will: – Fill in those gaps in your knowledge by teaching you what you didn’t know you needed to know – Explain the science of how exactly behaviors are stopped. – Explain how you can use this information to train bullies to stop – Provide real life examples of how exactly this works and more importantly why it works. This is the companion book to the online course: “Why Bullies Bully and How to Stop Them”. This book contains the transcripts of the online lessons compiled for easy home reference.

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