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Stop Harassment in Our Workplace

Stop Harassment in our Workplace - CA AB 1825 edition - Staff TrainingIt is recommended that companies with over 50 employees provide their employees with sexual harassment training every two years.  At a minimum you should be training your supervisors, but it is wise to train everyone. 

Humanist Learning Systems offers sexual harassment  training that will not only satisfy your compliance requirements but help you do so in a way that truly empowers your employees. 

This is not your standard harassment training that covers the law and little else. Our courses provide all the legally required content regarding harassment/discrimination plus additional training on how to stop harassment using behavioral management techniques. Harassment is a behavioral problem and to tackle it successfully, you need to take a behavioral approach. 

Harassment Training Best Practices

New employees should be trained within 6 months of hire and every 2 years thereafter. It is best to include this training as part of your new hire orientation. 

Additionally, it is important that the training program be facilitated so that employees have the ability to ask questions and receive feedback.

Finally, as of January 2015, sexual harassment training should now include specific information on how to prevent abusive behavior in the workplace and not just cover the laws prohibiting harassment and discrimination in the workplace (per CA AB 2053 requirement).

Humanist Learning Systems can provide in person or online training. Our online training is facilitated and will satisfy even California training requirements.  Because our programs focus not just on the law but how to use science to stop unwanted abusive behavior, we are compliant with the new training requirements adopted by California. 

Even if you already provide in person training, you can use our online system to provide catch up training to those unable to attend the live sessions.


Courses can be customized to your organization. Please contact Jennifer Hancock at for more information or call 727-231-4862 to schedule your training or request more information. 

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About the Instructor:

jenbridgewebJennifer Hancock is the author of The Bully Vaccine and founder of Humanist Learning Systems. Her approach to bullying is unique in that she teaches the science of HOW to get a bully to stop using operant conditioning. Her approach has been endorsed by psychologists and other professionals who deal with bullying on a regular basis. Additionally, her experience as a leader in both the corporate and non-profit sectors makes her an ideal guest for just about any type of audience.


It is important for employers to document that they have trained their employees on the law and to not harass or discriminate against others in the workplace.

We provide you with a certification and documentation showing that your staff spent the requirement amount of time on the course, that they accessed all the course material and that they learned the required material as evidenced by their passing the final exam. 

You will receive full documentation of your training for your records. 

State & Province Specific Training

Three states have state specific course requirements: California, Maine and Connecticut. Ontario Canada also requires training. 

Humanist Learning Systems currently offers a general course, California Compliant, and Maine Compliant programs. I can create and offer CT and Canada specific training upon request. You can mix and match based on where your employees are located for the same group rate. 

Languages Available

This course is available in both English and Spanish (via subtitles). Note: The Spanish language version of the course is presented via Spanish subtitles and through webpage text translation for participants. Additional languages are available upon request.The course also features English language subtitles for the hearing impaired.

Pricing for Basic Course

While we do offer comprehensive programs, most companies opt for the basic training. The basic course includes unit on sexual harassment and the law and a unit on how to end harassment and retaliation in the workplace using behavioral techniques. This training lasts anywhere for 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on which edition you choose (General, California, Maine)


  • $40/person
  • >10 participants – $36/person (10% off)
  • >50 participants – $32/person (20% off)
  • >100 participants – $28/person (30% off)
  • >500 participants – $24/person (40% off)
  • $15 if provided through organizational LMS (no Q&A support)

Again, even if you use someone else, because we are online, you can still schedule catch up training for people who missed the in person training.

Comprehensive staff and supervisor training available – see pricing sheet for details

Add our New Manager Orientation Bundle for just $10 more. (an additional 1 ¼ hours training).

Our E-learning Environment

We use a Moodle learning management system. This provides us with a secure learning environment that is 508 compliant – meaning it is accessible to those who are hearing or vision impaired.  The course content is provided as both video lectures and as written text.  Participants may study at their own pace but still have access to the instructor to ask questions, interact with fellow students, and more. All participants will be required to take an online test and complete all course requirements to receive their certificate of completion.

To participate in this course Internet access is required as well as the ability to view YouTube style online videos (Check with your IT department to find out if this will be a problem). The course will work on home computers and tablets such as the iPad. 


Courses can be customized to your organization. Please contact Jennifer Hancock at for more information or call 727-231-4862 to schedule your training or request more information. 

Download our pricing sheet

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