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jenbridgewebWho are we?

 Humanist Learning Systems was created by Jennifer Hancock to provide a place where people can receive practical information on how to more effectively and humanistically solve our problems.

Jennifer’s mission in life is to promote: Love, Humanism, Rationality, Science and Responsibility.


The vision for Humanist Learning Systems is to gather together the top Humanist educators from around the world to provide courses that will help people think better, have better relationships and get better results so that they can love themselves and help make the world better by approaching others with compassion.

The questions these courses answer is how can we solve our problems using love and compassion as our foundation. The answer? Combine critical thinking, science, compassion, ethics and personal responsibility to improve our lives, our businesses and our communities.

Building a Better Future

Imagine if you could deal with difficult people – effectively, with dignity and grace and love in your heart. You can – if you use reason and science.

If you are frustrated by the status quo, there is hope. Not only can you learn practical skills that will help you be more professional, competent and dignified, these skills will help you embody the values you hold most dear.

The humanist approach we teach will give you hope. It will help you simplify your life by reducing complexity of the problems you face, which will in turn – help you reduce your anxiety. Finally- because this is all science based – it will work.

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What people are saying:

“Many thanks. I want you to know that I have taken your courses and found them very helpful professionally and personally. Please know that I won’t hesitate to recommend your online courses to other HR professionals. Thanks again for your insights and advice.” – D. Malenfant

“I logged in and completed my course. It was another good one. Wish I found these courses a long time ago!” – S. Ward

“Your humanist learning systems were very helpful. I took some (of your courses) on my own and found them extremely useful. Just wanted to say thank you for that. :)” – M. Adair

“I enjoyed your presentation, and appreciated that I left with as many take-aways for my personal life as for my professional life. Thank you!” – L. Yeatts

“Jen Hancock did a training for my staff on bullying using a book she has published called The Bully Vaccine. It was very informative and many of my staff bought a book so they could use the techniques in therapy. I would highly recommend that schools and other community organizations take advantage of this training.” – A. Burke: Clinical Manager, Children’s Outpatient Mental Health, Manatee Glens

How this works

The online programs are offered on a Moodle software system which allows participants to study at their own pace when it is convenient while still having access to the teacher and their fellow students to provide feedback and discussion on difficult subjects. It really is the best of both worlds in online education. To access these courses, all you need is a way to access the internet. Courses have been tested on both pc’s and ipads and work fine in both environments.

Some of the programs and resources are available as continuing education credits. These are noted for your convenience.

Group and In Person Training:

Most programs are open to the public, but we also offer group and organizational training upon request. These can be done in person, online or as a hybrid program. We also license our programs for in house use. Contact us to learn more.

Companies we have worked with:

  • Indian Health Service
  • Fort Bragg EEO
  • NOAA Weather
  • Caspers Co.
  • Manatee Memorial Hospital
  • Mosaic
  • Bryant Miller & Olive
  • Florida’s Court Clerks & Comptrollers
  • Saudi Aramco

Humanist Learning Systems LLC is a EDWOSB. Our DUNS # 078861299.

NAISC – 611430

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