Video – Planning for Personal Success

 Planning for Personal Success – Video

Planning for Personal Success
Video Planning for Personal Success

This course on applied humanism discusses a humanistic approach to the important business of living a life that is fully realized, to help you not only understand what success really means but how to achieve it. Learn how to stay focused and not give up when you hit a roadblock on your road to success! Taught by Jennifer Hancock, founder of Humanist Learning Systems.

This program was originally created for college students to help them learn how to make better life decisions. It is appropriate for teens and adults.

Streaming Video

This video is available for purchase or rental through Vimeo. This is not a certified course option. It doesn’t include handouts, or supplemental materials. Only the video. If you don’t need a certificate of completion – this is a good option.


This program is also available as an paperback, ebook and audiobook at:

And as an online certified course: 

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