No Fear Act Training

No FEAR Act Training by Humanist Learning SystemsThe No-FEAR act requires all government agencies to conduct bi-annual training for employees and managers on how to remedy workplace discrimination and retaliation problems.

The required training includes information on what practices are prohibited and the remedies available to someone who thinks they have been harassed or discriminated against because of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information or if appropriate accommodation was not made for an employee’s religious practices or any disabilities. 

What we provide:

Our basic course is 1 1/2 hours long and includes 2 modules. A lesson on the No-FEAR Act and a program on how to use behavioral psychology to eliminate harassment and retaliation in the workplace.

What makes our program unique is that we provide education on how to use operant conditioning to eliminate workplace harassment,  discrimination, bullying and conflict paying specific attention to how to manage and control retaliations. We teach not only why this happens, but also what science has shown us works to eliminate it and how to create oversight processes that control the phenomenon.

We provide two levels of training: 

  • Basic – which covers the required training on the No-FEAR Act along with a short unit on retaliation.
  • Comprehensive – Includes the basic training but goes into more detail on how to apply operant conditioning which is part of the science of behavioral psychology, to the problem of workplace bullying and harassment for both managers and staff.

This isn’t simply training on the No-FEAR Act. What we teach is powerful and empowering. You will learn what a victim of discrimination, harassment or bullying can do to get their abuser to stop that will actually work. 

The comprehensive course is perfect for initial training. The basic course is excellent for review training. 


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Humanist Learning Systems LLC is a SDB/WOSB/EDWOSB

  • DUNS # 078861299 C
  • CAGE: 6X5U4
  • NAISC – 611430 – Professional Development Training


Purpose of the Training:

Discrimination, harassment and retaliation are bullying behaviors that need to be addressed comprehensively. The purpose of this training is to not only help supervisors and staff learn about the protections of the No-FEAR Act, but more importantly, to help them understand the difference between harassment and/or bullying and conflicts and how to resolve both using operant conditioning techniques. Staff level training teaches employees specifically what they need to do to get the abuse and harassment to stop. 


Handling bullying and harassment using conflict management models exacerbates the problem instead of eliminating it. To provide effective remedies, managers must learn how managerial response impacts outcomes and employees must be taught the specific skills required to get the harassment to stop. 

Topics Taught:

  1. What are the specific protections afforded by the No-FEAR Act are and how employees can seek appropriate remedies.
  2. What is bullying/harassment and how is it different from conflict
  3. What are the costs and consequences of workplace bullying/harassment
  4. Understanding the retaliation dynamic
  5. How to stop workplace aggression using operant conditioning
  6. How management response impacts outcomes 

Time Requirements and Program Delivery:

There are several training options. :

  • Basic training which is 1 1/2 hours long
  • Comprehensive supervisor training is 4 1/2 hours long
  • Comprehensive staff training is 3 1/2 hours. (Management must be trained before staff)
  • I also recommend that HR and EEO officers take our Workplace Bullying for HR Professionals course. This is a 6 hour course (HRCI approved) that includes information on how to support the cultural change within the organization that has to occur for your efforts to be successful. 

Our programs are designed to be taken online as a study at your own pace e-learning opportunity.  However, we can provide the training in person or via an online learning environment with Q&A if preferred. We can even train your trainers on how to deliver this material to your staff or provide you with the raw files for delivery through your internal training system.   

Online learning courses provide full documentation on participation for EEO records.

Included Materials:

Program includes video lessons, lecture notes and a pdf copy of The Bully Vaccine. Paperback copies are available for $3.75/book plus tax and shipping.

Instructor Bio: Jennifer Hancock

Jennifer Hancock is the author of The Bully Vaccine and cofounder of Stop Bullying International. Her approach to bullying is unique in that she teaches the science of HOW to get bullying to stop using operant conditioning. Her work has been endorsed by psychologists and other professionals who deal with bullying on a regular basis.

Humanist Learning Systems is an EDWOSB located in Florida offering a variety of
education programs, specializing in: Humanistic Business Management, Bullying
Elimination, Humanistic Parenting and Humanist Life Skills.

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