Jen Hancock’s Handy Humanism Handbook

Jen Hancock’s Handy Humanism Handbook

Jen Hancock's Handy Humanism Handbook

Looking to deepen your understanding of Humanism and its role in personal and social development? Look no further than Jen Hancock’s Handy Humanism Handbook.

This handy guide is perfect for anyone, regardless of gender, skin color, or any other arbitrary characteristic, who wants to learn more about Humanism. With its accessible language and concise chapters, it provides a quick overview of one of the most humane and holistic approaches to ethical philosophy ever devised.

About Humanism:

Despite its influence, Humanism is often maligned and misunderstood. But Jen Hancock is here to change that. In this book, she takes you on a journey through the philosophy of Humanism, providing a short history and dispelling common misconceptions along the way. You’ll discover that Humanism isn’t just a philosophy for the elite few, but a practical and accessible approach to personal and social responsibility.

So why wait? Start your journey towards a more holistic and ethical approach to life today with Jen Hancock’s Handy Humanism Handbook. With its thoughtful insights and valuable resources, this book is sure to become a beloved addition to your library.

This book has also been translated into Portuguese –

Table of Contents

1: Introduction
2: What is Humanism and Why Should I Care?
3: A Short History of Humanism
4: Gratuitous Name Dropping
5: No, I’m Not A Satanist. Thanks for Asking
6: Religion Doesn’t Hold A Monopoly On Morality
7: I Think, Therefore I Am
8: Cockeyed Optimism
9: Resources
10: About the Author


It’s sort of amazing how much insight can be placed in so small a book. Jen Hancock’s Handbook is well organized and written in away to make the ideas of Humanism clear. I found myself drawn along and agreeing with Humanistic thought. I now place myself in a category that might be labelled as ‘Spiritual Humanism.’ Previously I considered myself a ‘Universalist’ but not really having a clear definition for that label. I highly recommend Jen’s book to anyone who wishes to keep moving forward in or to kick-start their critical thinking and free-thought processes. I’m happy to have this gem of a book on my iPad as a quick reference resource. – J. Browne

Hancock gives an easily understandable explanation of humanism. It is amazing that ideas so simple seem to be so difficult for so many people to get. One of the hardest ideas for humanists to explain is the idea of being good just because it is the right thing. There is no need for a feared punisher. Anonymous

This is a short book that is big on ideas. For those of a Humanist bent this is a great checklist and reminder of the various responsibilities we carry to ensure moral action. (Actions are more important than ideas.) For those who don’t know or understand Humanism, this is a fast, non threatening way to see the whole picture. – M. Fuchs

This short little book is really more of an extended essay, which is fine, since that makes it that much easier to digest. Its tone is conversational and it’s quite accessible. An in-depth treatment of humanism it’s not, but for anyone looking for an easy-to-read introduction that covers the bases, this’ll do.  – T. Lee

Clear, precise talk on defining humanism without disrespecting other beliefs. Liked the short history and clarification of humanist principles. Highly recommend. – C. Abernathy

I had had only a vague idea of what a humanist was previous to reading this book. This book helped me determine that I was a humanist. I liked that the book is a 72 page fun and light read. – Titanium Dragon Turtle

A excellent concise introduction to Humanism, especially for people new to Humanism. Written in a very down to earth conversational tone, the explanations are clear and compelling. The resource guide at the end is also a rich source for further research. Highly recommended. – M. Frank

I probably could have read this book more quickly, but had to frequently pause to yell ‘Yes!’ at it. Memories of my reactions to past situations aligning to her description of the humanist ‘life stance’ (great term), her mention of my personal heros as humanists, and the complete agreement for the mandate of education and critical thinking in one’s life – all made me realize I’m a humanist. Can’t believe it’s taken this long to find a name for my philosophy of life. Succinct, easily digestible, and quite thought provoking. I definitely recommend this quick primer. L. Schultz

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