Guide To Coping With Depression

Book: Guide To Coping With Depression 

This book is a series of short activities. Really easy activities. Things that anyone can do. And that’s why it’s so helpful. Depression makes it hard to think and hard to plan. So anything complicated, is hard to do. But these exercises- are simple. They don’t take a lot of brain power and they are calming to do. You’ll read it and go – oh yeah – I do like doing that. I can do that.

This is not a magic book. It’s just – simple and practical things you can do while you are depressed that will help you be less depressed. And the best part – it’s doable. It’s not a cure. It’s not and does not pretend to be a scientific work. It’s just – simple easy things you can do that amount to self care that should help calm your brain a bit so that your can create some space in your brain to help you think more clearly. Love it.

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