The Bully Vaccine – Book

The Bully Vaccine

By Jennifer Hancock. This book is designed to help parents vaccinate their kids against bullies and other obnoxious petty people. It’s based on behavioral conditioning techniques and will help you learn what exactly has to happen to make a bully stop.

By preparing for them in advance you can effectively inoculate yourself against the worst of their behavior. The goal is to not be the sort of person a bully targets. It is much easier to prevent bullying than it is to stop it once it starts. If you or your child are trying to cope with bullying that is persistent, egregious and/or ongoing, this book will teach how to stop the bullying from continuing. It isn’t easy, but it can be done if you know how. This book provides very specific and practical information on how exactly to go about ending bullying. The more you understand about the dynamic of what is happening, the better able you will be able to help your child navigate the social situations they find themselves in. And the sooner you teach them these skills, the better off they are going to be. Regardless of your child’s age, this book can help you teach your child the practical skills they need to cope with the bullies they will encounter in life. It is never too young to start. No parent wants to see their kid suffer. If you want to learn how to protect your child, this book will help you teach them the specific skills they need to be successfully inoculated against bullying.

This book has been translated into several languages.

And is available for bulk purchase.

There is also a discussion guide for book clubs or educators to use.

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