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The Bully Vaccine

For those looking to tackle bullying, “The Bully Vaccine” is a must-read. This book provides a clear and concise understanding of the nature of bullying and the tools needed to put an end to it. Whether you are an individual seeking to stop bullying in your own life, a teacher, a parent, or a business professional, “The Bully Vaccine” is the ultimate resource for effective and lasting change.

In “The Bully Vaccine”, Jennifer Hancock expertly blends the latest scientific research on bullying with her extensive experience working with individuals, schools, and organizations to provide practical and proven solutions. The book provides step-by-step instructions, real-life examples, and powerful tools to help individuals stop bullying.

This book provides a comprehensive understanding of the root causes of bullying and teaches a unique technique known as “Extinguishing a Behavior”. This approach is based on the principles of behavioral psychology and is designed to help individuals identify and extinguish negative behaviors.

This knowledge should be widely distributed and become standard. There is 70+ years of research into getting unwanted behaviors to stop that validates it. The technique is super easy to summarize and teach. Most important – it works. You should buy this book – to help people learn how to make harassment and bullying stop.

About the Book:

By Jennifer Hancock. This book is designed to help parents vaccinate their kids against bullies and other obnoxious petty people. It’s based on behavioral conditioning techniques and will help you learn what exactly has to happen to make a bully stop.

By preparing for them in advance you can effectively inoculate yourself against the worst of their behavior. The goal is to not be the sort of person a bully targets. It is much easier to prevent bullying than it is to stop it once it starts. If you or your child are trying to cope with bullying that is persistent, egregious and/or ongoing, this book will teach how to stop the bullying from continuing. It isn’t easy, but it can be done if you know how. This book provides very specific and practical information on how exactly to go about ending bullying. The more you understand about the dynamic of what is happening, the better able you will be able to help your child navigate the social situations they find themselves in. And the sooner you teach them these skills, the better off they are going to be. Regardless of your child’s age, this book can help you teach your child the practical skills they need to cope with the bullies they will encounter in life. It is never too young to start. No parent wants to see their kid suffer. If you want to learn how to protect your child, this book will help you teach them the specific skills they need to be successfully inoculated against bullying.

Review from Professional Counselor:

“I don’t think I’ve ever written to an author before, no matter how much I enjoyed a book. This time is an exception, for good reason. Before I have finished reading your book I was able to use it in a counseling session with a client. She came in completely emotionally distraught over an ex-husband bullying her. I was able to use several phrases of yours to help her gain insight into her situation, see the bully for what he is, and help her realize she can improve her situation. She gained hope in 15 minutes! Your book is to have the credit for the success in that moment. I’m so grateful for having read into that little book before she walked into my office. And I had no idea that book was preparing me for that moment. I’ve already found your website, signed up for the newsletter you offer, intend to order at least five more of the book to offer to clients, and to learn more about your brand and practice of humanism. I am a contract clinician at Healing Hearts of Southwest Oklahoma in Lawton, OK. I will share this book and encourage the other clinicians to read it and use it. I guess you might say, You’ve made a believer out of me (I didn’t want to say “disciple”). With gratitude and appreciation,” – D. Strange LPC NCC


“The Bully Vaccine is an easily digestible book that should be added to your anti-bullying bookshelf. Don’t let the kid-friendly book cover fool you – Jen addresses issues that are relevant to adults as well.” – from Nuggets of Wisdom in “The Bully Vaccine” by Andrea Weckerle of

“I really enjoyed reading your book. I think it can be a great tool for kids and parents alike! It was interesting, provided helpful, useful, real-life tips and was ‘readable’ for young people.” – Maggie Davenport, assistant director for ALSO Out Youth – Please consider donating to this charity for GLBT youth in Sarasota FL

Your book fills a void for so many folks, young and old-thanks! – Gail Hendrick

I’ve read the book multiple times with my son.  We make notes of the current situations he’s in and how they relate to your explanation.  Your book is the most valuable tool I have as a parent. – Beth S.

This is a very practical and thorough book that helps handle bullies of all kinds and helps the reader learn the skills they need to live a life without fear of other people hassling them in minor or major ways. This book goes right to the heart of why bullies do what they do and breaks down the game they are playing in detail, to teach us to not fall into their traps, to be confident with ourselves and not be as bothered by the pathetic behavior of the insecure bullies. I recommend this for anyone, not just school children, because there are bullies everywhere, and we can all use some help learning to be less fearful of those who would make us feel small. – David Musick

The book, THE BULLY VACCINE by Jennifer Hancock is a how-to-do book for dealing with bullies. A dynamic, fun to read, and helpful book for kids and their parents. Timely, needed and SPOT ON! – Jan Kalnbach, Educator/Humanist

How to get it:

This book has been translated into several languages.

There is also a discussion guide for book clubs or educators to use.

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