Humanism and Democracy – an Introduction

Humanism is a dangerous philosophy because it tells us that we have a choice

Humanists are pro-democracy. We believe democracy is the best form of government and that we have a moral responsibility to be active participants in our democracy. This program is an introductory program on Humanism and democracy in America. It is designed help you understand where the levers of power in our democracy are so you can participate effectively.

Cost: Free

Length: 1 hour 10 minutes

Format: Self Study

This is a short 1 hr 10 minute video lesson with links to additional resources. The goal is for you to learn how to become an active participant in American Democracy

Topics Discussed:
  • Define Democracy – The rules of democracy in America
  • Basic Unit of democracy – county – or precinct
  • Parties – why they exist & how they work
  • Where are the levers of power and how do you press them?
  • Strategizing for change
  • PACS & SIGS – the good and the bad
  • What are your options for becoming active in democracy

This course is free to view at Vimeo –


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