New Manager Orientation Bundle

This bundle is designed for manager orientation. It provides training in humanistic management as well as training on how to prevent and eliminate harassment.  

thankyouBy rolling your harassment training into your orientation, you ensure compliance with the harassment training laws while providing managers with information on how to be a more effective in their roles. 

This bundle includes the following courses: 

  • 7 deadly sins of staff management
  • Principles of humanistic leadership
  • harassment training (CA AB 1825 & ME Title 26 Sec 807 options available)

It takes ~3 hours to complete (add 1/2 hour if you need a state specific training).  The courses are online, instructor facilitated and companies will receive full documentation to show that their new manager received and participated in the required training. Participants receive video lessons, lecture notes, and must complete a quiz to receive their certificate of completion.

To participate in this course Internet access is required as well as the ability to view YouTube style online videos (Check with your IT department to find out if this will be a problem). The course will work on home computers and tablets such as the iPad. 


Courses can be customized to your organization. Please contact Jennifer Hancock at  for more information or call 727-231-4862 to schedule your training or request more information. 


  • $50/person 
  • $45/person if 10 or more
  • $40/person if 50 or more
  • $35/person if 100 or more
  • $35/person if 500 or more

Money Back Guarantee: 

f you are unhappy with the course, or don’t pass the final exam, you may request your money back within 15 days (excluding the financial transaction fee of about $2).

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