Kathleen Bartle, MA

Kathleen Bartle, MA

Kathleen Bartle - Conflict ConsultantAs a conflict consultant, Kathleen Bartle’s work includes using her tested proprietary theories and strategies for dealing with workplace conflict. Her work helps her clients reduce the billions of dollars workplace conflict costs. Because of her years in academia and science, she has a thorough understanding of how competition fosters destructive and expensive conflict and how to resolve these problems effectively and ethically. Her research based strategies include individualized solutions to bullying, abrasive behaviors and interpersonal conflict among employees.

Kathleen is a humanistic sociologist by training. Her written articles, blog posts, and research opinions have been cited in national media publications. She has consulted with government agencies, nonprofits and for-profit corporations, fortune 500 companies, and science and academic research centers. Her website is: http://www.kathleenbartle.com/

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