Introduction to Reason

the thinkerThis free course by Steve Joyce, has two general objectives in mind.  The first is getting your own thinking in order, working toward making it clear, complete, compelling, and free of errors.  The second is analyzing the reasoning of others, examining it for bogus or inconsistent claims and incoherent structure.

Your aim in both cases is to use the tool of clear reasoning to improve your lot in life, and to avoid being taken in by poor reasoning, be it your own or someone else’s.  In so doing, you’ll be able to distinguish reliable information sources from unreliable ones, and to challenge the latter competently.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to evolve an environment in which sound reasoning becomes the rule rather than the exception, so that we may all enjoy the fruits of a society that is more in tune with reality, more prosperous and just, and less wasteful and error-prone

 This free program is offered by Fourth R Practical Philosophy as a way to introduce the general public to the basics of good reasoning.

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