Humanistic Selling: Customer Behavior

customerbehaviorHumanistic selling is based on helping people buy something that would benefit them, that would help them solving a problem, doing their job better or enjoying their life more. This course will help you developing the skills you will need to do just that, becoming a professional salesman or saleswoman with a high moral standard.

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Format: Instructor facilitated self study


Why Learn Humanistic Selling Skills?

The Humanist philosophy teaches us to behave ethically and not to try to take advantage of our customers’ ignorance and sell them something that is not suitable for their needs. It can be argued that by adhering to ethical and moral standards we also serve our own interest, because customers do talk to each other and people do prefer to do business with salespeople and with companies they know they can trust, so if you have a well deserved positive image it will be easier to build a larger circle of customers.

Learning Objectives

After completing this second part of our selling skills program you should be able to

  • Explain the differences in peoples buying behavior.
  • Understand the mental processes customers go through in making buying decisions.
  • Compile a list of features and benefits of your product or service.
  • Match selected features and benefits with customers’ needs or wants.
  • Respond to the buying signals of your customers.
  • Bring the sales presentation to a logical close by asking for the order.
  • Recognize your customers’ objections and know how to deal with them.
  • Increase the sales of your product or services.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with customers even those who did not buy your product or service.

Course Instructor: Hank Landman

Hank Landman - Humanistic Selling

Hank Landman was a trainer for many years, working mainly in the pharmaceutical industry for multinational companies serving clients in The Netherlands, Australia and Asia. His career included the following: Medical Representative and Managerial positions in Training, Sales and Marketing.


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