Hello world!

It’s a bit ironic. I am creating a website that will provide a variety of Humanist learning opportunities focusing on things like Humanistic Business Management, Humanistic Parenting, Humanist Life Skills.

Why is that ironic? Well, because one of the things I teach is how to use operant conditioning to get bullies to stop. And that’s ironic because I’m a Humanist and Humanistic Psychologists, used to reject behaviorism, which is what operant conditioning is.

Nowadays I think most Humanistic Psychologists are way more open to the ideas of behaviorism recognizing that both models were correct and that the synthesis of them is more powerful than the individual approaches ever were.

Anyway – that is neither here nor there of what this site will provide.

Programs Offered

I will be offering online and interactive versions of my 6 week course – Living Made Simpler.

I am also creating a series of programs for HR professionals in the area of Humanistic Business Management – the first course will be on Bullying in the Workplace. Should be ready by May or June. Stay tuned

In the meantime – join my mailing list and get a free ebook: http://www.jen-hancock.com/handyhumanism/offer.html

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