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Humanist Learning Systems is out to change the world.

We offer a variety of life skills programs that can help people not only transform their lives, but the lives of others as well. These programs include:

  • Bullying elimination
  • Humanistic business management
  • Life Skills
  • Humanistic parenting programs. 

clarityIf we are to make the world a better place to live, we have to start somewhere. We are looking for affiliates who are committed to promoting a humanistic, ethical worldview and effective solutions to the customers and fans.

Our goal isn’t simply to make money, but to make the world a better place through education. Help us to spread knowledge and encourage people to be the best most ethical people they can be.

 We are looking for affiliates who specialize in the following areas:

Humanist groups looking to fundraise while promoting Humanist Life Skills
Secular and Humanist bloggers looking for products consistent with their values
HR Professionals who want to offer quality CE courses to their customers
Business Consultants interested in promoting Humanistic Business Management
Parenting professionals who want to offer an anti-bullying program that actually works
Humanistic Psychologists who want additional content for their customers

All affiliate applications will be screened to ensure compatibility with our products. We are looking for long term relationships.

  • Affiliates earn ~20% on each sale and cookies are good for 60 days.
  • Payments are made monthly (in the month after the refund period for the sale ends)

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