How to De-escalate Conflicts Using Science Online Course

How to De-Escalate Conflicts Using Behavioral Science

This 1 hour course will help you learn how to use behavioral science to respond to conflict and other interpersonal problems in a way that will actually fix the problem. It will help you learn how to stand your ground while still being compassionate and avoid getting drawn into other people’s drama.

Reality Based Decision Making for Effective Strategy Development

Reality Based Decision Making for Effective Strategy Development

In order to give yourself the best chance of success, it is important to take several steps to ensure that your strategy is reality based. This session will help you learn how to answer the three most important questions for any strategy. What is your real problem? What is really causing it and what will really work to solve it?

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The Science of Change - free online course

The Science of Change

The science of how behaviors are shaped and molded, behavioral conditioning techniques known as operant conditioning, is really useful knowledge for a coach or manager. This course explores the science of how behaviors are changed and how we can use that to help the people we mentor and coach to actually change their behavior so they can succeed in whatever it is they want to do.

Planning for Personal Success - Video

Video – Planning for Personal Success

 Planning for Personal Success – Video This course on applied humanism discusses a humanistic approach to the important business of living a life that is fully realized, to help you …

7 Words That Can Change the World

In these three videos, author Joe Simonetta gives a three-part talk, “Astonish the World, Tell the Simple Truth.” The talk is based on his highly acclaimed book, Seven Words That …

HRCI Approved Provider - E-Learning

HRCI/SHRM Discount Bundle

This bundle pulls together 7 courses for a total of 13 HRCI approved continuing education hours (11.5 SHRM) for one low discounted price.

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Humanistic Selling Online Course

Humanistic Selling Bundle

Humanistic selling is based on helping people buy something that would benefit them, that would help them solving a problem, doing their job better or enjoying their life more. This course will help you developing the skills you will need to do just that, becoming a professional salesman or saleswoman with a high moral standard.

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Humanistic Management Orientation

Humanistic Management Orientation Bundle

Learn the basics of humanistic management   If you are new to humanistic management and would like to learn how you can incorporate humanistic techniques as a manager, this program …