Audio Books

Founder Jennifer Hancock has made a most of her programs available as audio books.

Book & Video: Planning for Personal Success

This book discusses how Humanists approach the important business of living a life that is fully realized and understanding what success really means. It is designed to help you think more explicitly about how to live your values fully, using critical thinking to improve your odds of success and to remove the fears that overwhelm you.

Book & Video: How to De-Escalate Conflicts Using Behavioral Science

This book will help you learn a science-based approach to conflict resolution and help you understand how compassion can help resolve workplace behavior issues. Being able to reinforce organizational core values by modeling respectful conflict resolution behavior in difficult situations is an added bonus.

Book & Video: Why Bullies Bully & How to Stop Them Using Science

This book will: – Fill in those gaps in your knowledge by teaching you what you didn’t know you needed to know – Explain the science of how exactly behaviors are stopped. – Explain how you can use this information to train bullies to stop – Provide real life examples of how exactly this works and more importantly why it works.

Conflict Management Course Bundle

This bundle pulls together 6 courses for a total of 7 1/2 hours of content to teach you how to effectively, ethically and compassionately deal with conflict while still being …

Guide to Coping with Depression Desiree Vogelpohl

Guide To Coping With Depression

Book: Guide To Coping With Depression  This book is a series of short activities. Really easy activities. Things that anyone can do. And that’s why it’s so helpful. Depression makes it …

EEO Refresher Course

This program provide participants with access to four online courses containing eight hours of content, designed to provide continuing education for EEO counselors focusing on how to use behavioral psychology …

HRCI Approved Provider - E-Learning

HRCI/SHRM Discount Bundle

This bundle pulls together 12 courses for a total of 17.5 hours of continuing education hours for one low discounted price.

Book: How to Win Arguments Without Arguing: Socratic Jujitsu

Book & Video: How to Win Arguments Without Arguing

In this book author and Humanist Jennifer Hancock discusses recent research on how ideas are formed and changed to help you understand why and how to yield to your opponent and how to turn the conversation around using Socratic questioning techniques to frame the underlying moral debate to your advantage.

How to De-escalate Conflicts Using Science Online Course

How to De-Escalate Conflicts Using Behavioral Science

This 1 hour course will help you learn how to use behavioral science to respond to conflict and other interpersonal problems in a way that will actually fix the problem. It will help you learn how to stand your ground while still being compassionate and avoid getting drawn into other people’s drama.

Thank you for registering for The Science of Change

Thank you for registering for The Science of Change by Jennifer Hancock.  To access the course – visit:   Choose the The Science of Change Log in as a Guest. There …

The Science of Change - free online course

The Science of Change

The science of how behaviors are shaped and molded, behavioral conditioning techniques known as operant conditioning, is really useful knowledge for a coach or manager. This course explores the science of how behaviors are changed and how we can use that to help the people we mentor and coach to actually change their behavior so they can succeed in whatever it is they want to do.