Humanistic Business ManagementTaking a more humanistic approach to business can improve your success!

Courses about Humanistic Management taught by actual Humanists who have a full understanding of the philosophy and who can help you better understand how the various aspects of what you have already been taught work together as an integrated whole so that you can better apply your learning and improve your outcomes. 

Why Humanistic ManagementThis one hour course will provide you with an overview of what a humanistic management paradigm is all about. Presented by Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz, Director of the Humanistic Management Center.

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Reality Based Decision Making for Effective Strategy DevelopmentStrategies are important. They help us know what we are working on, why we are working on it and most importantly, how. The problem is, not all strategies are effective. In order to give yourself the best chance of success, it is important to take several steps to ensure that your strategy is reality based. This session will help you learn how to answer the three most important questions for any strategy. What is your real problem? What is really causing it and what will really work to solve it?

Why is Change so Hard?Before we can embrace change, we first have to unlearn our old ways of doing things. 

This 1 hour course will teach you how to utilize behavioral psychology techniques to help overcome resistance to change in yourself and in others. 

This bundle provides access to 6 separate courses.

Each of these courses provides a certificate of completion. The first 4 are approved for both HRCI & SHRM continuing education credits.

Bridging the Generational Divide - Milleninials vs. BoomersIn this session we will discuss the research that has been done on generational differences and consider how we might use the knowledge to help us create more effective communication strategies. At the core of this approach is a humanistic respect for the dignity and worth of each human in your company.